Are you a person who cares and is frustrated by how very little seems to change, at least in a positive direction? Then this blog for informed change is for you. It seems that the news is mostly bad, whether pertaining to social and environmental justice, global warming, bias in research, and in my area of psychiatry how the notion of discrete diagnosis persists, despite natural phenomena being structured in a continuous fashion. I have come to call this the ERA OF UNENLIGHTENMENT given how many people do not seem to really care about true outcomes, or simply the truth. There is of course the scientific approach potentially allowing us to get at true outcomes, but this process is easily hijacked when any product or political motivation is involved. For example, the exclusion of negative outcome studies from publication, allowed pharmaceutical companies to distort the effectiveness of antidepressants. The advertising and public relations sectors have known for years that it is really all about putting the right spin on a product.

From my own research into psychological defense mechanisms it is clear that we do have a tendency to distort things in a positive direction, at least if you have good mental health. We view the past in an overly positive fashion, are excessively optimistic about the future, and spin things in the present to enhance the self. If depressed or anxious, this distortion is slanted in a negative direction. Although this scenario makes it seem that we should just spin away the negative, the major drawback of maintaining an unrealistically positive perspective is not seeing what is really happening and getting at the truth. In this blog site, the posts focus on true outcomes, such as with global warming, mental and physical health, social and environmental justice themes, the merging of spirituality and science, and sexual orientation, a scenario where we have constructed inaccurate identities fostering discrimination and inner turmoil. The purpose of this site is to provide information that can promote informed change, providing true hope!

A note about myself, Dr. Brad Bowins. I am a psychiatrist, researcher, and founder of The Centre For Theoretical Research In Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology. I approach life and research with a spirit of curiosity, exploration, openness to unique concepts, and conscientiousness. This approach has generated novel theories regarding several aspects of mental health and illness, human psychology, sexual orientation, and eclectic topics such as the nature of time and spirituality, published in peer-reviewed journals and books. I try and give readers unique and well researched information that advances the quest for the truth.

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