Vasectomy The Cruelest Cut Of All, Second Edition



Vasectomy:  The Cruelest Cut Of All exposes the modern medical nightmare that is Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS). Widely viewed as “safe and simple” vasectomy frequently produces lifelong pain, often worsened by sexual activity, arising months or years after the procedure. PVPS represents the proverbial tip of the iceberg, damage to the male reproductive system comprising the massive portion below the surface. Too ashamed to speak up many men suffer in silence unless the pain is agonizing. Effective treatment for the affliction is very expensive and not readily available in many countries where vasectomy is heavily promoted.  This comprehensive and clear exposition of the topic covers changes to the male reproductive system following vasectomy, the incidence and symptoms of PVPS, mechanisms of pain, treatment options, counselling and informed consent, and other vasectomy related problems. It is a must read for men and their spouses considering a vasectomy, those experiencing pain following a vasectomy, physicians providing this procedure, and counsellors.


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FIRST EDITION (2006-2023)

Vasectomy is widely promoted as a “safe and simple procedure.” Rarely are men or their spouses informed that a life long pain condition, known as Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS), is caused by the procedure. Months or years after being vasectomized, close to 15% of men will experience pain in one or both testicles, with the pain being severe in approximately 5%. Frequently, the pain is worsened by sex and other physical activities, motivating the sufferer to avoid pleasurable pursuits. Too embarrassed to speak up about the problem, many men suffer in silence, and if they do raise the issue with a physician the problem is often misdiagnosed, particularly when years have passed since the vasectomy. In third world countries where vasectomy is intensely promoted as a “safe and simple procedure,” effective treatment is essentially non-existent. Treatment for PVPS often involves sophisticated microsurgery that is very expensive, not covered by most health insurance plans, and not widely available. For those lucky enough to access treatment there is often no resolution of the pain, as it can recur on the treated side and arise in a seemingly unaffected testicle. Vasectomy: The Cruelest Cut Of All (The Modern Medical Nightmare Of Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome) debunks the “safe and simple procedure” myth and calls for an end to vasectomy.

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