Nov 222016

By way of introduction to this cosmology site, I am Dr. Brad Bowins, a psychiatrist, researcher, and founder of the Centre For Theoretical Research In Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology ( You might well be wondering how my background relates to cosmology? There are three reasons:

The first part of this answer is that researchers interested in theory tend to be curious, and for me it is a driving force. Consistent with my nature, I am very curious about the nature of the cosmos (cosmology).

The second reason is that theoretical research requires a very broad knowledge base to produce theories having any reasonable likelihood of discovering the truth, the ultimate goal of science. A quick look at my peer-reviewed publications under Other Writings, demonstrates that my research is very diverse and cross-discipline, enabling the theories to represent a “best of fit” with the available information. This cross-discipline approach includes physics concepts, such as how entropy likely contributes to the decline of human specific cognition (negative symptoms) in schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses. Hence, although I am not a physicist, I do have some familiarity with the fascinating concepts generated by this discipline.

The third reason is that in reviewing cosmology theories it became apparent that biological processes are completely ignored, often being viewed as a “fluke,” or even worse, “chemical scum.” My background in life sciences and research triggered the unique insight that the nature of biological systems, namely interconnectedness, interdependence, and symbiosis, actually reveals much about the nature of the cosmos. From this very different angle, the primary theory arose, followed by additional concepts (see the pdfs available below).

I fully acknowledge that the concepts are speculative, as with all other such theories. In addition to hoping that they are accurate revealing the true nature of the cosmos (what researcher does not?), it is my desire that they will encourage other theorists to appreciate the potential contribution of biological systems to cosmology, and also stimulate lively debate among the curious.

Brad Bowins, MD

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