Overcoming Barriers To Progress In Psychotherapy: A Clinician’s Guide


Psychotherapy is the most common intervention for mental illness when the full spectrum of problems is considered. Many clients have benefited enormously, suffering transformed into healthy functioning. Unfortunately, progress is often limited with approximately one-third drop-out rates an indicator, and for the two-thirds of clients that persist with psychotherapy, less than ideal outcomes are fairly common. Hence, an exploration of factors impeding the progress of psychotherapy, and application of robust strategies to reduce drop-out rates and enhance outcomes is required. Overcoming Barriers To Progress In Psychotherapy: A Clinician’s Guide, explores the full range of client, therapist, and interactive impediments to psychotherapy progress, and provides effective strategies to manage these barriers. Diverse and comprehensive theoretical perspectives are applied, ensuring that the material spans the range of therapies and mental health conditions. Illustrative case examples enhance the perspectives and approaches. With the knowledge and strategies provided, progress can be optimized allowing psychotherapy to achieve its full potential.


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