photography-coverI believe that paradise is a state of mind and not a place, but there are some places that certainly inspire a special state of mind. As it turns out many of the truly spectacular destinations happen to be where two of my favorite activities—scuba diving and skiing—are located. So when I’m away there is a good chance that I can be found either under water or in the mountains.

Though the mountains might seem to be the place for flight, where eagles dare, the closest a human can actually get to flying is scuba diving. Soaring over the edge of an undersea wall and looking into the depths is an experience of a lifetime if you have ever dreamed of natural flight. Equally exhilarating is flying down a powder ski run on a day so sunny and clear that all the striking mountain scenery reveals itself.

The locations, experiences, and natural sights inspired me to such an extent that an interest in photography and travel writing quickly took hold and progressed over the years. This site is designed to make both my photography and travel articles accessible. I welcome newcomers and invite all to share in these experiences.

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